2013 WFTO Conference in Rio de Janeiro

(press release from WFTO)
Global Fair Trade Week RioThis WFTO Biennial Conference and Rio Fair Trade Week will take place from the 26th to the 31st May 2013. During this event Rio will be nominated “The Global Capital of Fair Trade.”

Rio de Janeiro has been chosen to host this event and all eyes in the international community are on this city. The Conference week is an important event to profile best practice, share experience, and build strategy for social change and sustainability. With recession and economies in disarray around the world, Fair Trade can point the way to a new approach to business and livelihoods in line with the core values of Fair Trade, including transparency and long term partnership.
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The Benefits of Fairtrade – a comprehensive study

Fairtrade International published a comprehensive study about the scope and benefits of fair trade and the development during the last years.

Overall, worldwide number of Fairtrade producing organizations grew by 10% from 905 to 991, with now a total of 1,3 million (+13%) farmers and workers.
The total reported fairtrade sales income now is at 665 million € with the top ten countries accounting for 75% of sales, of which eight are Latin American and two African countries.

Source: Fairtade International