Successful marketing is what intrigues me; a good cause even more so. Professional marketing and socially and ecologically conscious business models are not contradictory – quite the contrary.

On these pages, I would like to get you involved with good and sustainable business models, especially those, that focus on the creation of sustainable livelihoods for producers in developing countries. I’m particularly interested in everything that has to do with products from biodiversity, underutilised species and neglected crops and novel foods that can be created out of that. Get inspiration, new ideas for your own projects, learn about best practices and good examples and get to know other companies, international organizations or initatives.

Curiosity, passion, and a certain idealism are what motivates me. With more than 13 years of experience in industry, commerce and fast moving consumer goods I’m now focusing on international development cooperation. Market-based approaches for development, sustainable livelihoods, inclusive business and aid-for-trade are just some of the areas that I focus on with Koolman Consulting.

I write about topics that I’m interested in. In most of the cases, it’s about good marketing and good business models. Good in terms of well done and well intentioned. I’m independent, meaning that articles on these pages have not been commissioned by somebody.

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