Linking agrobiodiversity value chains, climate adaptation and nutrition

Bioversity International kicks off a three-year project to improve climate change resilience, food and nutrition security and income generation with special focus on indigenous people „Soil deterioration, farmer debt, diminishing taste and quality of food, and the thinning of our … Weiterlesen →

Moringa oleifera – overcoming the challenges of marketing novel plant products

Products derived from biodiversity offer sustainable and inclusive business opportunities for smallholders and rural populations in the countries of origin.[1] Commercialisation of underutilised species contributes to the conservation of biodiversity and promotes food security, thus helping to achieve two of … Weiterlesen →

EU novel food regulation – a barrier to business from biodiversity?

Have you ever wondered, why markets in overseas offer a much broader variety of exotic fruits and vegetables for example, or products that are based on exotic ingredients? Well yes, there might be a couple of reasons, apart from the … Weiterlesen →

Superfoods everywhere – BIOFACH 2014 review

Just in case you haven’t been to BIOFACH 2014 in Nuremberg this Feb, here’s what you’ve missed. Of course, we can’t cover everything new and innovative that has been displayed at the fair, although it wouldn’t be that much. How … Weiterlesen →